Tourney Report 08/05/10

Deck used: 3 Leaf Clover BF

Match 1: Vs.??? - BF OXO
Game 1: Armor Master smackdown till he died.
Game 2: I got 6k life and he left with 750 and I died becos of my own greed. I wanted to earn field control thus i did not book of moon his kalut and during my turn I used smashing ground and he chained delta crow to destroy my book of moon... Then I got the feeling he drew shura, he has no card in hand, he draw then accidently dropped the card and it was shura zzz and he synchroed armor master and attack me till i die.
Game 3: Stardust controls like madness and won.

Top 5(?) - Vs.Xing You - Hero Control XOX
Game 1: Too much advantage le he... I died...
Game 2: I did a trap dustshoot + mind crush combo + alot of bottomless... He was forced to prison my vayu and I summon gale and did a finisher by throwing kalut.
Game 3: Holy Light appeared! And my timidity caused me to lose.

Conclusion: 4th - 5th? zzz Luckily sam won the box...


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