Trishula Tournament 15/05/10 Tourney Report~

Deck Used: 3-Leaf Clover BF

Game 1: Vs. Jin Hao(again), Lightsworn, OO
Match 1: I start first. Summon Shura and set a MST and ended my turn. During his turn, he summoned Ehren, Lightsworn Monk and set a card, ended his turn by milling 3 cards. I chained MST to destroy his face down M/T. Then next turn I summoned another shura and special summon gale and halve his monk's attack. The first shura attacks, dealing him 1k damage. Then he special summon tragodeia upon receiving damage. I search out breeze and attack tragodeia with my second shura, discarding kalut and i searched out vayu and the tuners direct attack him. Then during my main phase 2 I synchro breeze and shura into armor wing and then synchro both of them into stardust and the other shura synchro in to armor wing with gale. Set mirror force and ended my turn. Next turn I direct attack him and won.
Match 2: Armor wing is strong! he was left with 4300, and he had 2 cards in hand. Then he activated monster reincarnation discarding greenkappa and took back gorz. During my turn, I flipped vayu and attack with vayu, then armor wing attacks discarding kalut again and won.

Game 2: Vs.???, Light Machina OXO
Match 1: He attempted lord british otk on me but im left with 200. I trunade him. activate BWW and then summon sirocco, search for bora, activated vayu effect and special summon armor master and special summons bora. Declare a focus attack and attacks lord british. Then i chain book of moon on it and discard 2 kalut during damage step.
Match 2: I bad hand and he used lord british and zwei to whack till i die.
Match 3: Did some sirocco stunts again.

Game 3: Vs.Victor,Welcome to Bahamut's divine performance of summoning Trishula 5 times. (fk baha for making such a long name!) OO
Match 1: shura and bora feeds on frogs! And my turn to do divine performance of synchroing trishula.
Match 2: Deck Devastation Saves the day. Mirror force cleared mr des x3.

Game 4: Vs. Jeff, WWBF XX
Match 1: Since we gonna give each other 2-1 and I got no mood to fight him. I anyhow play and lost.
Match 2: I tried not to lose so badly, thus i play seriously and attempt to otk him but no dark to jump DAD.

Top 8: Vs. Keng Guan, Flamvell Hopeless Dragon XOO
Match 1: Too over powered. FF for 3 REDMD and lost.
Match 2: I icarused him and he jump gorz. Then my 2nd icarus saved me. And I try to kill him in 1 turn.
Match 3: I just doesnt want the dog to be in grave thus when he rekindle for hedgehog and dog i bottomlessed him making him thinks that its safe, he synchroed dark end and i oppressed him. Then he got locked up by stardust and oppression.

Top 4: Vs. Richard, Infernity OO
Match 1: Shura BWW. He bad hand. Someone's cursing me is boosting my luck instead.
Match 2: Shura BWW. He bad hand AGAIN. Lolz. His revenge failed and my revenge for a friend succeed.

Top 2: Vs. Jeff OO
Match 1: trap dustshoot gave me huge advantage and i won.
Match 2: Mind crush called for the right stuffs and gave me huge advantage and I won again.

Conclusion: 1st! I succeed in saving another ultra comrade XD. This proves that BF without promo can win oso! Just that its not as easy as a promo BF. The only promo i used ytd was trishula in extra deck. And it only came out 1 or 2 times.


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