Tourney Report 02/04/10

Deck Used: Scandals BF

Round 1: Vs. Jeff, Whirlwind BF - XOO
Bad hand and died on the first match...
Alot of top draws and stuffs caused me to win the rest of the game

Round 2: Vs. Yong Siang, Graveyard whirlwind BF(?) OO
Match 1: Did a dark armed + arms wing + kalut kill on a turn
Match 2: Black rose-d it and he jumps dark armed to attack me, during my turn i jump and kill him instead.

Top 8: Vs. Akira, Whirlwind BF - OXO
I had a very good hand and he keep having sirocco x2 and blizzard x2 during the second match i can kill him but i did some mistakes causing me to lose ZZZ

Top 4: Vs. Joseph, Quick Synchron - OO
I had a very good hand and managed to starlight road before i used oppression and won... lol

Top 2: Vs. Jeff, Whirlwind BF - OXO
Top draws again and then 2nd match i got controlled by 2 shura + alot traps 3rd match we stored until I had 1 bora, 1 gale and 1 shura i call all out and ram... then control abit plus some top draws... lol...

Conclusion: 1st place lol... long time nv get first for solo tourney... my 1st time this year...


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