Tourney Report 28/03/10 - Only my deck joined...

First time to do a tourney report just for my deck lolz...
Deck used: Scandal BF
Used by: Jess

Round 1: Vs.??? - Empty Jar OXO
Match 1: Killed the opponent without knowing the deck.
Match 2: Deck burned to death.
Match 3: Kalut and gale beatdown

Round 2: Vs.Sazabi - Gadgets OO
I forgot how he won...

Round 3: Vs.Hong - Whirlwind BF OO
I nv see how he fight lol..

Round 4: Vs. Jeff - Whirlwind BF XOX
He won becos of storm and trunade and lose because of sirocco

Top 4: Vs. Jin Hao - Whirlwind BF OO
Nv see how they fight also

Top 2: Vs. Jeff - Whirlwind BF XX
zzz... used my deck to scrub! he did not put lonesilver in my extra deck and lost! If not he could have made dark armed + Lonesilver... zzz

Conclusion: 2nd... So i guess is not i lucky yesterday ba... lol...


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