Tourney Report 04/04/10

Deck used: Scandals BF

Match 1: Vs.Aaron, GB - XOO
Got controlled on the first match then the 2nd and 3rd match control abit back.

Match 2: Vs. Vishal, Anti-Trap Beatdown - XOO
I didnt noe i cant open trap even during opponent turn and i lost the first round.

Match 3: Vs. DS, KBK - XOX
Zzzzzzzz.... He used ancient fairy + geartown to destroy my life!!!

Match 4: Vs. Sazabi, GB - XX
It was a good hand but i got trap dustshoot during the first match and handicapped, 2nd match he suddenly jumped gorz then i lose... lolzzz....

Conclusion: zzz... >< out of game... This is the worst results!!! lol...


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