Tourney Report 05/10/12

Deck Used:

Match 1: Vs. Cassandra, Evilswarm - XOO
Game 1: Had a starting hand of 3 Swords 2 Redox and 1 MST, and my exploder dragon got solemn-ed gg
Game 2: Storm + Felgrand opening then uses Planet Pathfinder for Ravine during my next turn
Game 3: Storm + Felgrand again

Match 2: Vs. Nian Jie, Mermail - OO
Game 1: He made a field of Moulin, Kappa and Zenmaines and dropped my hand of Debris & Fader, during my turn I made Jeweled Red Archfiend to clear his whole field, and then few turns of farming I won since mermail can't do too much of a stuffs with 2 or less hands
Game 2: He got return from DD-ed with 4 dragons coming back

Match 3: Vs. Calvin, Mermail - XOO
Game 1: Got controlled by Dragon Ice lol...
Game 2: Both of us have no more resources left, during my turn I only have exactly 4 different dragons in hand with 3 cards left in deck, MST-ed his facedown which is a compulse and he chained onto undine, then next I ss redox he ss dragon ice discarding undine, then I just banish for Tidal and then made Big Eye to take back my Crimson Blader which he reborn-ed and destroy his blader, then next turn I DDV him and he can't clear the Blader that he book of moon-ed (2600 def and he had tidal in grave)
Game 3: Time was called, he set 2 and ended, I made Thought Ruler and attacked, he chain fiendish chain and I negated, then He chained sphere, and called Linde which I attacked gaining back my 1500 life, he ss megalo with linde effect, then I set Raigeki break and ended. During his turn, he discarded Dragon Ice and Tidal for megalo and made Dracossack, which I raigeki break-ed away and then he conceded

Match 4: Vs. Daniel, Dragon Rulers - ???
I won because I helping to pull someone up

Top 6: Vs. Calvin again
Shared lol...

 Decklist Below:

Whats that card beside Debris Dragon?!

Good for early game or opening since Dragons rarely had to normal summon unless you are trying to synchro, then late game use it as Redox food.

Then what about the first card in your side?
When an opponent's monster declares a direct attack: You can Special Summon this card from your hand, then, if this card's DEF is higher than the attacking monster's ATK, destroy that monster. An Xyz Monster that was Summoned using this card on the field as Xyz Material gains this effect. 
● Once per turn, this card cannot be destroyed by battle.

This is used for fighting Mermails and Fists, Marksman direct attack is a nuisance and also, has its destruction effect retained even when skill drain is active. Debris is able to pull him back though I never done that before lol


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