Tourney Report 28/09/13

Deck Used:

Match 1: Vs. Sam, Mermail - XOO
Game 1: I controlled him with transmigration prophecy and ultimate offering flood, but his hand was too awesome
Game 2: Ascension stalled and then go for the kill
Game 3: He started first with a set S/T and ended, I summon Diva ss Marksman and he passed, attacked and ss Dragoon and made Trishula, he chained solemn and the time called, he ss Teus discarding dragoon, which ate my Debunked and then summon undine sending Dragoon to grave and then searched for Abyssmegalo and then called it out, released undine for x2 attack and make Gaios, back to my turn I reveal Megalo discarding armsman and tidal and the game is set.

Match 2: Vs. Calvin, Dragon Rulers - XX
Casual playing without side since we will help each other

Match 3: Vs. Qilin, Geargia - OO
Game 1: MegalOTK
Game 2: Undine send Dragoon search for megalo, megalo discard 2 dragon search for megalo and marksman, then MegalOTK

Match 4: Vs. Eden, Dragon Ruler - XOO
Game 1: He got too much advantage from Maxx "C"
Game 2: His hand was 2 dragon and 1 veiler, got controlled good good
Game 3: He started first by setting a monster and a S/T and ended, during my turn I summon undine, sending Dragoon to search for Megalo, then discard Marksman and Dragoon again to search for Megalo B destroying his F//D spell trap, then I release undine for Megalo effect and then Salvage back Undine and Marksman and SS Megalo again, tried to otk but he special summon tragoedia to block my last attack. Then during his turn, he made some mistake by using Seven Star Sword banishing Redox and I have Mizuchi equipped to megalo, so I removed and negated it. Then he threw redox to take control of my Megalo and suicide with my other one, set 1 card and tried to end, but I activated Sphere, so back to his MP2 he tries to SS Tempest but ended up eating my Debunked. After Sphere was destroy, I activated call of the haunted for Dragoon and make Dweller with pike during my turn, removed dragoon for dweller effect and then summon diva and tidal and make an all out attack.

Top 8:
Vs. Alex, Evilswarm

Conclusion: tried mermail, next will be the current banlist deck, trying out every deck before it gets hit!


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