Tournament Report 11/11/12

Deck Used:

Swiss(4 rounds)
Vs. Nian Jie, Wind-Up - OXO

Vs. William, Genex Atlantean Mermail - XX

Vs. Cassandra, Wind-Up - OO

Vs. Calvin, Chaos Dragons - XOO

Top 6
Vs. Daniel, HERO - OXX

Chose to not fight and get a High Priestess of Prophecy as prize...

Today I tried a build that topped recent Japan tourney, piloted by J-speed and Chami. The deck runs the usual monsters but the MVP of the deck is...

Together With

And Lastly,

1. Magician + Shark = Zenmaity + Papilloperative + Coat of Arms + any Rank 3 (Originally Zenmaity, Papilloperative + Shock Ruler)

2. Magician + Shark = Zenmaity + Invoker + Coat of Arms + any Rank 4/5 (Invoker + Warrior required)

3. Magician + Shark 1+ Factory/Shark 2 = Zenmaity + Papilloperative + Coat of Arms + Rank 5

4. Tour Guide + Shark = Zenmaity + Coat of Arms + Invoker + Rank 4/5

These are the combos that can be done with those 3s. That's all for today! Decklist below.

Wind-Up Shark 3
Wind-Up Magician 3
Wind-Up Rat 3
Wind-Up Rabbit 3
Wind-Up Warrior 1
Cardcar D 3
Tour Guide from the Underworld 2
Sangan 1

Wind-Up Factory 3
Mystical Space Typhoon 3
Heavy Storm 1
Monster Reborn 1
Dark Hole 1
Pot of Duality 2

Bottomless Trap Hole 2
Torrential Tribute 2
Solemn Warning 2
Solemn Judgment x1
Compulsory Evacuation Device 2
Starlight Road 1


hi, i am quite confused with these combos, is there an old topic u made regarding these combos or would u kind clarify them for us?


you basically use the No. 69 Coat of Arms to copy the effect of Zenmaity, netting you another free effect, sans rank 3. The combos basically give you massive damage output over what would have been a Shock Master lock.


I will post the details of the combo later... ^^


wow, that's amazing using the coat of arms like that and stupid of me that i didnt relize that lol


oh by thhe way, due to presence of Coat of Arms, i think the first combo is the best becuz of being the highest attack output (Rank 3 Acid Golem 3000 atk), if anything else would be predicting that i couldnt otk in this turn and i just pressure the opponent till my next turn right?


it there a combo where i can get utopia and ZW lion arms plus a bunch of monsters with 2 cards?
i can get the first 2 but no more than that.


@Ha-Ni-Oh!: Yes, either Acid Golem or Brilliant will be pressuring, you can even use Coat of Arms effect during your next turn to copy Brilliant's effect. Either way, If you played warrior and invoker, if your opponent had a monster, do combo 2 for a confirm OTK. Do rank 5 for Adreus for TCG or Volcasaurus for OCG.

For the lion arms, before it came out I had the basic idea using magician and shark only which is the easiest way (magician x2 + shark x2), but then I haven't go in depth about it. Shall try it when I am free.


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