Mermail Combos~

Continuing from the MegalOTK. Here are some combo with mermails, if you do not know what am I talking, you can refer to this

Combo 1:
Hand: Undine, Turge, Gunde
NS Undine > Hilde as cost
SS Turge (Hilde eff) > Discard Gunde add Gunde
SS Hilde (Gunde eff)

End with:
3 Lv 3 Monsters on field
5 hand (Gunde, Controller) if you start first

Combo 2:
Hand: Undine, Megalo
NS Undine > Hilde as cost
SS Megalo > Release Undine

End with:
Megalo (4800 damage)

Combo 3:
Hand: Pike, Hilde, Turge, Dragonrider
NS Pike > Hilde as cost > Search Gunde
SS Turge (Hilde eff) > Dragonrider as cost > add back hilde
Search Megalo > SS Megalo > Gunde, Hilde as cost
Search Kraken > SS Hilde (Gunde eff) > Release Hilde

End with:
Megalo + Kraken ( 5600 ), Turge (1700) , Pike (1600) = 8900
Combo 4:
Hand: Undine, Megalo, Gunde
NS Undine > Dragonrider as cost > Search Megalo B
SS Megalo A > Megalo B, Gunde as cost > SS Megalo B (Gunde eff)
Search Kraken > Release Undine

End with:
Megalo A + Kraken (5600), Megalo B (2400) = 8000
Combo 5:
Hand: Pike, Dragonrider, Any Mermail
NS Pike > Dragonrider as cost
Search Gunde (Pike eff) > Search Megalo (Dragonrider eff) 
SS Megalo > Gunde, Any Mermail as cost
Search Kraken > SS Any Mermail (Gunde eff)

End with:
Can be field of Combo 4
Megalo A + Kraken (2800/5600), Pike (1600), Any Mermail

Finally Baha have posted his first blogpost after D3-ing! The hand of the first combo can also end up with 1 photon streak bounzer + void ogre dragon... Find out yourself how to do that cos Baha stopped me from saying it! : (


About the ogre dragon/bounzer thing, is it EXACTLY the same hand as in combo 1? Because I can't find the way to put the dark tuner on the field


yes. it is exactly the same hand


Holy crap. Ok I'll continue trying to figure it out


I have been trying to figure out the Bounzer+Ogre Play but I can't seem to get it...any clues?


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