Tourney Report 28/04/12

Deck Used:

Match 1: Vs. Kenny, Dark World - OO
Game 1: Stannon attack all the way.
Game 2: He start the game with prohibition declaring heat transmission. Then I set raigeki break and handmaiden during my turn. Next, he set a S/T and passed his turn. Back to my turn, I summon cannoneer, and he flipped torrential, handmaiden effect activates and then I rekindle and kill.

Match 2: Vs. Vishal, Machina Gadget - OXO
Game 1: Heat Tranmission + Rekindle
Game 2: Did some troll stuff and died.
Game 3: I flood my field with librarian, ancient flamvel god and brionac and attacked him till he was left with 400, then during his turn he made Big Eye with 2 fortress stole my 2900 flamvel god and clear my synchros, I then jumped gorz from gearframe's attack. During my turn, countdown 1 turn for gold sarco taking back rekindling. I drew heavy storm used it to clear his gearframe which was attached to fortress and a facedown card, attacked his big eye and passed. During his turn he clear my field with flamvel god and fortress and ended. I drew dark hole and added rekindle back to hand. Dark hole-d him and rekindle my ancient god back to kill.

Match 3: Vs. Shaun, Dark World - OO
Game 1: He dragged down me when I had only 1 hand, I chained maxx c and then his dragged fizzles. From there he went down slope
Game 2: He reckless greed "advance" drew 2 turns, but after that I made him bankrupt

Match 4: Wee Min, Inzektor - XOX
Game 1: Got controlled by dragonfly and lady bug
Game 2: Make a huge gap in advantage and the kill
Game 3: Sided only 1 transmigration prophecy in and then died ( Since I went up, and because I don't want him to know I side Shadow Imprisoning.)

Top 8
Vs. Vishal, Machina Gadget - OXO
Game 1: Controlled abit and then flood and kill.
Game 2: Got controlled by fortress and utopia
Game 3: Started the game with 2 Rekindling and 1 heat transmission, ended the game with 1 librarian, 1 laval stennon, 1 stardust and 1 rai-oh on field, with 2 raigeki break as back row and 2 cards in hand which 1 was gorz.

Top 4
Vs. Wee Min, Inzektor - OXO
Game 1: Randomly controlled and kill
Game 2: Flooded the field, then killed by gorz, then i re-flood which he maxx c and scarecrow, but then he doesnt have another scarecrow next turn. Revenge is so sweet :D

Conspiracy... I dun even know who my opponent was.

The deck was copied from a Japanese player nicknamed "Tobi". And he was one of the strongest player during Junk Doppel era where you can see his name almost every week. While browsing I saw his name winning using Laval, then I checked his profile... He won 9 tournies using the exact same build, although some were small tournaments but their small tournament were at least 40 ppl unlike our weekly tournaments of 20-30 only. Laval is such a risky deck, I was so afraid that people side rivalry against me, but I did not met any (Guess I'm lucky). So, 9 tournies-winning deck have proven itself. Decklist below.


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