Tourney Report 21/04/12

Deck Used:

Match 1: Vs. Wesley, Inzektor - OO
Game 1: Ophion + Thunderbird peck to death
Game 2: He summon Dragonfly equipped with Hornet, I chalice and he chained lance and then I treat it to drink another cup of water from Chalice. Then next he set a monster, which I Nobleman of Crossout him  during my turn, and he chained CED to return, took all the damage from thunderbird and helio and I ended. He then set back the monster during his turn and I helped him CED back his monster and he ate the maximum damage again.

Match 2: Vs. Alvin Putra, Ninja Hieratics - OO
Game 1: Ophion and then Laggia
Game 2: He ate torrential while I have Ophion and Pandemic Contagion Infestation

Match 3: Vs. Rong Jie, Inzektor - XOO
Game 1: I ate solemn and he reborn and stuffs
Game 2: Ophion rape
Game 3: He set a card and ended, I MST and then summon Helio and attack. Set 4 card and ended during main phase 2. He then mst solemn judgment during his turn, and then Heavy Storm me which ate a Starlight Road. Then he summon Centipede equip it with Hornet and attack my Helios. I chain lance during damage step and draw veiler next turn and won.

Match 4: Vs. Samuel, Inzektor - OO
Game 1: Thunderbird loves to eat inzeks
Game 2: Shock ruler blocks everything.

Top 8: Vs. Baha, Arrive Bubble Beat - Conspiracy
Top 4: Vs. Calvin, Arrive Bubble Beat - Conspiracy
Finals: Vs. Sam, Hieratics - Conspiracy

LOL... Conspiracies all the way on top 8 and share the chain... Thats all for today! :P


the rabbit picture is damn cute!


Where do you get the pictures? XD So cute


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