ART of Tori in Dandywarrior...

there's too much ways to tori a person in dandywarrior deck... so i will compile and post it day by day =D Stay tuned!

#1: MOST BASIC: Dandy in grave, 2 tokens on field, summon debris pull dandy synchro tori...(4 + 3 + 2)

#2: 2 tokens on the field, lonefire tribute 1 search spore. Synchro armory arm, spore rfg lonefire, 4 star tuner. Synchro with armory arm and 1 token into tori. (4 + 1 + 4)

#3: Spore/Growup bulb in hand. dandylion in grave. Summon debris special summon dandy, synchro Ancient Fairy Dragon, special summon 2 tokens onto field, activate Ancient Fairy Dragon's effect, special summon spore/growup bulb on to field. Synchro trishula with the bulb, 1 token and ancient fairy(1 + 1 + 7).


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