Tourney Report 18/07/10

Deck used: Clover BF

Match 1: Vs.Qian Rui, Whirlwind BF - OO
Game 1: I trap dustshot him and then forced him to icarus me and i starlight road him, rammed all the way and won.
Game 2: I stopped him from dark armed dragon by making him with 4 darks and synchro, brionac bounced his monster, special summon silverwind the ascendant using vayu effect and won the 2nd game.

Match 2: Vs. Akira, Whirlwind BF - OO
Game 1: Controlled him with starlight road and won.
Game 2: He was left with 4000 after using solemn judgment, then i had a kalut in hand, i drew to shura, i summoned shura, and was thinking whether to find blizzard, but since he's left with 4k i decided to take another kalut. I declared attack, he chained mind crush declaring kalut, i discard 2 kalut and he took direct 1800 damage. After taking the damage he jumped gorz. I set solemn and ended my turn. Then next turn he summon kalut and rammed all my monsters. 2 turns later i drew sirocco and did a focus attack on him and he lost.

I won 2 games straight so I'm automatically proceed to top 11.

Top 11: Vs. Joseph, Dandywarrior - OO
I had a damn good hand and won.

Top 6: Vs. Kenneth, Gladiator Beast - OO
Game 1: I trap dustshot him and send his darius back to deck. His hand is now left with bottomless trap hole, indomitable gladiator beast, book of moon, prisma and 1 card which i have forgotten. Then he summoned prisma revealing heraklinos and then set 3 cards face down. During my turn, i special summon bora, asking him whether he wants to bottomless. He passed. Then i attack his prisma using shura, he chained book of moon, then i chain dark illusion and the attacks pass through and i search for gale, deal 3k damage and ended my turn. He ended his next turn after drawing.
Then during my turn, I special summoned another bora, he bottomeless-ed it and I did an all out attack + kalut and won/
Game 2: He was afraid that I had kalut in hand, thus he searched for hoplomus using proving ground and set 2 cards and ended. I had a gale on the field, I was thinking about bora then i draw, IT WAS BORA!!! I special summon bora, synchro blackrose destroy his whole field, summon blizzard, took back bora and synchro goyo guardian, then having 3 darks in grave, I special summoned dark arm and pushed for damage. And he scooped next turn.

Top 3: Vs. Xiao Mei, Dragunity - XOO
We anyhow play as we are sharing.

Top 3: Vs. Daniel, Whirlwind BF - OXX
He heavy stormed me in each game. I managed to starlight road for the first 2 games, the 3rd game i failed to do so and lost all my magic traps...

Conclusion: 2nd place, as xiao mei won Daniel 2-0 so the infinite loop won't occur and I am automatically 2nd place since i won xiao mei and she won daniel. Got a D-Prison Ultra Jap as prize =D Happy!


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