STBL Draft tournament 16/07/10

LOL... had a draft tournament with baha,ds,xiao mei,sam,ball-snow,jeryl,lao peh,william and darius...

Match 1: Vs. Ball-snow XX
Match 2: Vs. Darius XX
Match 3: Vs. Lao peh OO
I set monster everyturn then during the 4th turn i summon karakuri staff officer, synchro shogun with needle gardna, synchro gunner and karakuri merchant!!!!!! then my shogun gained trample and tramped a grow-up bulb, then next turn i change his scrap soldier into defense mode and tramp it too... then his turn he synchro formula synchron in defense mode and drew a card, he drew shackles and activated it on me, then i summon eleckiwi change it to attack ftw!!!!

Game 2 i summoned 2 naturia stag and did a ultra beatdown...

Conclusion: 6th LOL... Got a shogun as prize.. And also, during the draft pick, i took 3 common rares, making me earn abit haha... horse bone's price, vanity's space and wightmare!


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