Tourney Report 20/03/10

Deck used: MGS

Round 1: Vs. Jeff - Whirlwind BF XOX
Game 1: Double oppression died...
Game 2: Holy Light + Ancient Wyvern
Game 3: Rai-oh smacks my Holy light... I was think whether to card D it... In the end i really shld cos he got 2 Raioh in hand!

Round 2: Vs. Bryan - Starter Deck + some cards in... OXO
Game 1: Wyvern and stuffs otk
Game 2: WTF there's D.Fissure and Banisher!!!
Game 3: Wyvern and stuffs otk

Round 3: Vs. Kevin - Whirlwind BF OXX
Game 1: Unicor and a field of legions and gangs
Game 2: He book of moon my holy light and do combos
Game 3: zzz... I did not draw tuner if not i might turn the tables in time!

Conclusion: Out of game!!! Well next deck either BF or Infernities(maybe someone doesnt wanna use them anymore!)


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