Tourney Report 19/03/10

Deck used: Infernity
I will not post the decklist for this one... lol...

Round 1: Vs.??? - Gadgets XX
Game 1: I have been beat-ed to death
Game 2: Made a mistake of not chaining raigeiki break to trap dustshoot and discard archfiend and died-ed like that...

Round 2: Vs.Alex, Angryboy - Whirlwind BF OXO
Game 1: Combo failed and thus use two Archfiend + 1 grepher to beatdown!
Game 2: Nth special...
Game 3: Combo failed again and then use archfiend and grepher beat again!

Round 3: Vs.??? - Whirlwind BF OO
Game 1: I go first. My hand was Hellway Patrol, Archfiend x2, beetle, necromancer and Infernity Gun. He set 1 monster face down and end his turn. I drew grepher, thinking of summoning hell patrol to earn but in the end got bottomless-ed, and i ended my turn. Then he summoned Bora to direct attack me and ended his turn. Then I draw and its FOOLISH BURIAL! I activate foolish burial to discard Plaguespreader and top decked an archfiend, summon archfiend synchro BRIONAC! Then i discard the rest of the beetle and necromancer to bounce his monster. And do my triple trishula combo using GUN.

Game 2: He starts first. Set 2 card and 1 monster facedown. I end my turn without doing anything. Then he summons bora and attack me. My turn i used typhoon on 1 of his facedown card, it was Starlight road, then i start doing my combo and he torrential tributed the first set of monsters. then after that i do 3 trishulas + any 5 stars
since i haven't normal summon and i have a ONE for ONE on the field face down.

Round 4: Vs.Yi Jie - Whirlwind BF OO
Game 1: I failed to do the loop so in the end i used 2 beetle and 1 archfiend beatdown
Game 2: We exhausted each others hands and have no cards in hand and in field, but my grave is filled with infernities, i top drew a MIRAGE and do the stunts.

Top 8: Vs. Alex - Whirlwind BF OXX
Game 1: I failed to do the combo and he trishula me and i did not have any cards on the field and in hand anymore!!!... Then my turn i top drew an Archfiend and ss it and search gun and do the lovely combo~~
Game 2: Tried to do the combo but failed then he oppress me.
Game 3: Nth to do so I lose..

Conclusion: Top 8 Shared with Alex a Stardust Dragon...


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