Tourney Report 05/03/10

New banlist makes me feel lousy... But today's tourney quite motivate me haha...
Deck Used: Black Knight Dark

Match 1: Vs. Samuel - Lightsworn
Forgot how i won... I saw the imbalness even after banlist...

Match 2: Vs. Yi Jie - Gladiator Beast
Crushers and Spies did their job...

Match 3: Vs. Blackie - Whirlwind BF
Crushers and Spies bully...

Match 4: Vs. Melvin - Metabeat variant
Crushers and Spies bully again...

Top 8: Vs. Yi Jie again... - Gladiator Beast
First match crusher and spies disturbance... Third match my hand got cyber, caius x2, birdman x3 so i just sac and sac and sac... But I let him go up since he has more advantage + I feel that i starting to bad hand... In the end, he lose on top 4... =( nvm.. haha at least got burial for DD to get back my tourney $$...

Conclusion: UNKNOWN but at least top 4... And some imbal stuffs: all the people i killed all went up to top 8!!!


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