New love for this banlist XD

Puchitomabo aka Petit Inmato is so loveable XD... Shall make a deck for it soon...
Key card of this meta!!!
Situation A:
1. Opponent use BF-Treasure, out cost,
2.Magic drain him.
3a. Either he lose 2 cards for nothing, or
3b. Discard a magic, draw 2 cards for the payment of 3 cards(magic, treasure & BF)

Situation B:
1.Opponent do his stuns and set he INFERNITY GUN face down to make his handless combo. Activates it when he has no hand.
2. Magic Drain says good bye to you!

So basically, almost everything is loved by magic drain =D, Black whirlwind needs to discard a magic, etc etc and drain some book of moon if u are doing ur stuns, smash and fissure also drain-able.


Yup, me knows about Magic drain vs Gun XD


lol... and there's swallow reverse too...


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