Why does asia tourney sucks so much this time? (Using who,what,when,where,how)

What can be used?
1: Rai-oh, sarcophagus, gorz can be used but their partners like DCK etc cant be used, lets say they use world format banlist, WHAT ABOUT PRIS-MUM? i meant prisma...

And there are no ang-mohs even if u wanna follow a banlist, follow either asia country's so-called "Banlist", Asia such as HK, Taiwan, Malaysia(They all dun allow gorz, sarcophagus, rai-oh)... or Even Japan(DT is allowed in their country for worlds FYI)...

Rai-oh: i heard most of the judges team player are using trap-based or metabeat so i guess this one is a normal card?

Gorz: Scared of dying too early to BFs and Lightsworn??

Sarcophagus: There are two points i guess?? Which the second one is a joke, of course
1. Only for Baha? lol... the whole tourney i only saw extra win putting it in!!! Baha r u in the conspiracy too???!!!
2. Since Rai-oh cannot add cards to hand from deck, they use indirect ways?? lol
When does it ends?
2. Judges did not announce timeout and suddenly proceed to Sudden Death without informing ppl....

When i was playing for the first round it was 30 mins time limit and after tat i think time change? Back to 40 min? if its my hallucination, i think the first round is too damn fast for me... I play lightsworn and i can play until left 10 mins... for other ppl maybe its normal... for me i dun think so ba.. Plus my opponent is also fast... lol... so i guess its a 30 mins game?? Although it might not affect me, but it will affect majority of ppl bah... since there's some burn deck and extra win appeared in the tourney...
Where(?) the hell did the main Judges go?
They are in the tourney... after that, they went back to their judge position, although there are some nice judge... there are really some NICE judge... not in the sarcastic way... lol...
How is this possible?
3 1-win ppl get paired down fighting 0-wins ppl and 1 1-win ppl gets a bye in the tourney... no matter how u count, there's still 4 1-win ppl... and the one who shld get a bye shld be a 0-win? Furthermore, the person who bye is from our judges team... I guess its really a "coincidence" ba...

First match i saw some friendly matchup... Alex vs. Louis(friendly), Sam vs. Jerald(really Friendly), and many many more... And then, The King vs Kids... The Servants vs. Kids too... And if The king is trying to hide his scheme, High-Ranking Servants gets to vs. Low-ranking servants to proof that its computer-paired?

To vs. so called Weak opponents, they need to do something call the "deck check"... whereby they only see whether the cards is a non-upper cards and not the decklist... End of the day, there's no deck check again even if the game moved on to final... So if i went to final, i guess i can change the whole deck already?

OH YA FYI, 9th and 10th is 4-wins... 11th is my fren, 12th is my fren, 13th place is also my fren... and either 14th or 15th is one of the judges team... they suddenly reduce to 4 round swiss and then top 8, is this what the chinese meant "杀一儆百, execute one as a warning to hundred"? or "killing 2 bird with 1 stone?"

Who represent Singapore?
Yong Siang, one of our older players in terms of age and playing time i guess? Congrats to him...
Altho he got the second place since the first place doesnt want to go...
Conclusion: Asia Singapore Qualifying Round Sux... And This year theme is Luck... I can see alot of Saki(anime char... if u wanna noe who she is, go watch Saki)...


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