Reviews and Negates~~

Once per turn, you can select and activate 1 of the following effects: ● Remove 2 Zombie-Type monsters in your Graveyard from play. Draw 1 card. ● Return 1 of your removed from play Zombie-Type monsters to the top of your Deck.

A few weeks ago,, i saw one of the zombies went to top packing this card in the deck, so i was thinking y no one put it in... Its quite strong... Searchable by the zombie searchers and even Sangan, also, it has draw power and also, if you observe the effects properly, you might be able to do Brionac loop... Oh and this card can control your graveyard well, since its and EARTH attribute monster. And also, removing 2 zombie to draw 1 card might allow you to jump Dark Armed. If I'm playing zombies I might try this card out. Too bad I'm not... LOL

Random Ramming...

Fiend Roar Deity Beast Nozuchi/ Magoshinju Nozuchi
Activate this card's effect during your Main Phase. Discard 1 "Fiend Roar Deity" monster, and Special Summon this card from your hand. When this card is Special Summoned by this effect, you can Special Summon 1 Level 2 or lower "Fiend Roar Deity" monster from your hand.

Fiend Roar Deity Beast Unicor/ Magoshinju Yunikoru
1 "Fiend Roar Deity" Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters.
If both players have the same number of cards in their hands, you can negate the effect(s) of Effect Monsters, Spell, or Trap Cards and destroy them.

A.Opponent has no cards in hand anymore and has 3 gardna and 1 gorz in grave, he has mirror force, Bottomless Trap Hole, magical cylinder, call of the haunted and shrink on field. He's left with 2000 life btw.
B.You got Nozuchi and Ceberus in hand. What will you do???

1.Main Phase 1. SS Nozuchi and discard Ceberus, special summon ceberus to field synchro unicor.

2.Opponent Chains bottomless in response to the synchro summon. NEGATE!

3.Unicor attack > chain mirror force > NEGATE!! > Chain Cylinder > NEGATE!!! > Chain Call of the Haunted > NEGATE!!!! Chain Gardna A > NEGATE!!!!! > Chain Gardna B > NEGATE!!!!!! > Chain Gardna C > NEGATE!!!!!!!.

4.Damage Step Shrink > Negate!!!!!!!!


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