Today's Result!!!!

Lol, join dkt again to test my fun deck netted from Japan.

Deck: AGB(Ancient Gladiator Beasts/ Arcanite Gets Beaten!!!)
Lol... You will know why I name it as "Arcanite Gets Beaten!!!"

Swiss Round
Game 1: Vs Max/AKB
Dun wan to say bad hand.... plus i forgot what i draw and how i lose... lol... Meet again everytimes since after the tag team tourney...

Game 2: Vs Si Hao/Plant OTK+FTK
Skip this... i got supervis and gigaplant and powertool and then DDB for two games.

Game 3: Vs Alex Goh/Tele-DAD
Drew Trap Hands plus 1 monster win the game.

Game 4: Vs Joel/AKB
Match 1: Control him with chariot + Ancient Forest + Gbeasts. Luckily he no heavy storm all that.
Match 2: Monster Zone: Worm Links + Fossil Dyna + Steal Bird + Swarm of Scarabs
Magic/Trap Zone: Solemn, Dark Bribe, Oppression, Bottomless, Waboku, Ancient Forest.
Hand: Guard Hedge, Torrential + Some traps. He get locked... and died like that.

Game 5: Vs Bing Jun/Lightsworn
Control him at early game. Gyazarus + Chariot looping.

Top 4
Vs Max/Akb Again!!!~~~
Match 1: Control him with heraklinos + Worm Links. I forever got hand to discard for Heraklinos. =)
Match 2: Burn him to death~~ Wahaha... Sweet Revenge.
My field : Swarm of Scarabs, Fossil Dyna, Stealth bird.
Magic trap zone: Oppression + Torrential.
He used up all his winds and still can break through my defense. LOL...
But he went up as I already qualified. Dun wanna let others lose their $2.50 chance. lol...

In the end top 4 is me, Max, Jeff and Joel
Decklist up next. Plus description and combos. And now u know y i say that this deck is that name? lol. Oh Sh** nv meet Jeff, another akb... so i dunno whether can really beat akb anot... haha...


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