Thailand ACQ Tourney Report

It's been quite a long time since I posted something haha... Mainly because I do not have anything interesting to post and had joined Bahamut84 and Dsummon for Mon Hun. Lol... But this time I went to Thailand together with Baha and Alex to support all our Asia rep friends and to fulfill my promise with Sam. And since we do not have anything to do there and we are allowed to join another countries qualifier now, all 3 of us went and registered. So here it goes my report:

Participants: 156
Deck used: Baha's Elemental Dragons
Format: 3 rounds Swiss cut into top 29 + 3 seeded and then Swiss again

Match 1: Vs. Photon - OO
Game 1: He start the game by setting a monster and a set card and ended, during my turn I made a dragossack special summoned 2 tokens, tribute 1 to destroy the set card and he chained - threatening roar, I set book of eclipse and ended. During his turn, he summon babaros and flipped summoned photon wizard, turn it to level 8 which I chained book of eclipse to turn everything face down, he end and drew 2 during his end phase because of eclipse effect. Back to my turn I flip summon dragossack, remove my last material to special summon 2 tokens, synchro the 2 tokens into burei and turn photon wizard to attack mode, made a big eye to steal babaros (now 3k atk) and go for the kill.

Game 2: I drew all 4 colors lol

Match 2: Vs Prophecy
Game 1: I forgot what happened he had a field of jowgen, priestess and kycoo at one moment, I cleared the jowgen with reactan, removed 2 dragon from hand to special summon blaster from grave, searched a lightning and redox from deck, discarded lightning and redox, xyz big eye and stole his priestess and banish it to draw 2 with seven star sword. And from there he drew nothing and died.

Game 2: After much struggling of killing 5 jowgen, I finally died to high priestess...

Game 3: Time is called, I synchro thought ruler with blaster and brandistock and set eclipse. He monster reborn my blaster tried to attack me, I chained eclipse and he set 4 cards, drew 1 card from eclipse effect and ended. Back to my turn I flip summoned my thought ruler and attacked he chained book of moon which I paid 1000 to negate and destroyed my blaster, I gained 2800 life from thought ruler effect and ended. Back to his turn he activated 2 upstart and conceded.

Match 3: Vs Air (last year's Thailand representative),Elemental Dragon - OXO
Game 1: He start by discarding burner and eclipse which I chained maxx c and then he continued to do and and took back LADD and then tribute both dragons for it. Then I use dragon effect + book of eclipse and crimson blader him

Game 2: he made a field of REDMD, LADD and crimson blader, I had no monster on field, a set eclipse and a scarecrow, I went and made a mistake by discarding scarecrow + book of eclipse and then die from there... I should have just scarecrow and left 100 and leave my eclipse for combos lol and he don't get to draw 3 from it too...

Game 3: 4 colors + maxx c is good

And so I made it to the top 32
Top 32 Swiss

Match 1: Vs Boss (that's what he told me to call him), Agent Angel - XOO
At first I was like "oh no am I going to die to agent again?!" Lol
Game 1: I did a field of ancient sacred, dragossack but he had gorz, I cleared it and he made black mist to kill it, I paid 1000 life to revive back and he after that black luster to remove it and then I died...

Game 2: I had 4 colors again and otk

Game 3: Time is called, he summon Venus pay 1500 for 3 balls set a card and ended, confirmed that he had Kristia but dunno why that move instead of xyz, I cleared 2 balls and made a dragossack and destroyed his last ball after spawning tokens, back to his turn he normal summoned earth and searched Jupiter, I chained book of moon on it and then he attacked my token with his Venus and ended, back to my turn I special summoned tidal, blaster and tempest back from my grave and attacked, he special summoned gorz from my 2nd last attack and I cleared the token during main phase 2 and made a big eye to steal his gorz and make another dragossack using the gorz and my dragon, I then tribute a token to destroy my big eye and then spawn tokens leaving his gorz under my dragossack. He conceded next turn after showing his hand of Kristia and black luster with 5 fairies in grave.

Match 2: Vs. The Doy (Thai Rep), Prophecy - ???
I finally met someone I know and he said he wanted the win so I let him win.

Match 3: Vs. Dragon - OO
Game 1: Otk
Game 2: He discarded stream and I chained maxx c, he end his turn by leaving it on the field alone, back to my turn I discard burner and tempest, he chained maxx c too, i special summoned tempest from grave removing burner and blaster from hand, searched blaster using blaster effect, then I made dragossack and remove xyz for tokens, he thought for awhile after drawing his 3rd card from maxx c effect and passed. I tribute 2 tokens for blaster and then electric virus his tidal and go for OTK.

Match 4: Vs. Evilswarm - OO
Game 1: He start first but ate blaster and then I flood and kill
Game 2: He start first with ophion and I electric virus him remove his xyz to search from infestation terminus and flood and kill

Match 5: Prophecy - OO
Game 1: He started with a very weird play. Activated judgement day and then summon lily, activate power on lily and then book of moon her. Then search 2 books and special summon spellbook magician from deck, back to my turn I xyz big eye and stole his lily and special summon back my tempest and attacked, paying 2k for the 3k pump. Then back to his turn he activate secrets search for spellbook magician, summon it and I veiler it, he conceded

Game 2: I had 2 droll and lock bird and his tempo being locked for 2 turns and can't catch up so he died.

And then after that The Doy won his opponent and then he represented Thailand for Asia and after half an hour of looking at him going up and down from the stage, our thai frens wanted to bring us for dinner so we left. Then next day during breakfast, The Doy told me that I won 3rd...

And then here's my trophy, ironically my 1st trophy isn't a Singapore trophy -.-"

And then on the Asia championship day itself there's a side event for a box of JOTL and the score is below:

Participants: 44
Deck used: Baha's Infernity
Format: 6 rounds Swiss

Match 1: Vs. Prophecy - OO
Match 2: Vs. Evilswarm - OO
Match 3: Vs. Heroes - OO
Match 4: Vs. Elemental Dragon - OO
Match 5: Vs. Firefist Quad - OO
Match 6: Vs. Incarnate Dragon - XOX

And then I got 4th and the prize distributed was for only 1st-3rd -.-"... And Alex got 2nd lol... Overall I find either something wrong with the place aura or Baha's deck love me lol, look at last year's Msia Asia, also using Baha's hieratics, really best deck builder... For the infernity decklist u can go to duelingdays for reference... That's all for today, time to sleep...


why do you use book of eclipse on incarnate dragon?
what is its function?


1. Instant chain to LADD rather than waiting for one turn set breakthrough skill
2. Serves as a book of moon to dodge veiler when doing big eye plays

And also it's very useful against both prophecy and evilswarm


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