Tourney Report 24/03/2012

Deck used: Inzektor

Match 1: Vs Ryan, ??? - OO
He did not appear so I was given a win after every 5 mins

Match 2: Vs Sherwyn, Inzektor - OO
Game 1: I mind controlled his centipede and proceed to clear his field and flood my field using insane tech.
Game 2: I cleared his field and then flood my field after that.

atch 3: Vs Winson, Grave BF - XOO
Game 1: Got randomly otked
Game 2: Verz Thunderbird harassment
Game 3: Verz Thunderbird harassment again

Match 4: Vs Jeff, Hero Beat - XX
I let him win because he can pull Alex up

Top 8: Vs Baha, Hieroglyphs - ???
Conspiracy alert

Top 4: Vs Stark, Infernity - OXO
Game 1: Saw through a moment I can kill and do it and succeed
Game 2: Got killed by Librarian, Brionac and Beetle
Game 3: Push through his backrows and then go for the otk

Finals: Alex, Hero Beat - Shared

And so, my Inzektor finally managed to win once... Lol... This deck is taken from Tokyo CS which I personally feel that it's a win against mirror matches, but too bad I met all the colorful decks today. Decklist is just removing 2 call of the haunted and replace it with Autonomous Action Unit (Yes, You heard it right). Rivalry + Thunderbird + Raioh is insane!


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