Tourney report 01/10/11

Deck used: Tour Guide "No Manner" Deck

Game 1: Vs. Akira, Junk Doppel - XX
Match 1: He had a Jain, foolish for dandy, summon bulb and synchro into librarian. Next, he mill spore for bulb effect special summoning itself and synchro into formula, drew two for libra-formula combo. Then, special summons spore banishing dandy, synchro into catastor then quasar after drawing 1 with librarian effect and attack for the win.
Match 2: I died because time is called

Game 2: Vs.??? Jar deck(?) - OO
Match 1: He activated gravekeeper's servant, set 1 monster and 2 m/t and card destruction me. Then soul release my 5 cards discarded. Then during my turn I gold sarco for heavy storm and won 2 turns later.
Match 2: He flip morphing and then creature swap to me and eclipse it and then I draw 7 cards during my end phase and which includes storm.

Game 3: Vs. Lightsworn 30/08/11 - OO
Match 1: I set sangan and ended. He took mind crush with pot effect, summon Jain, set 2 and ended milling 2 cards in his end phase. During my turn, I turn my sangan to attack mode, suicide into Jain and searched for tour guide, during main phase 2, I asked whether he wants to do anything and he passed. So I summon my tour guide, he then say he can mind crush my tour guide and asked me whether he can reverse. I rejected him as I asked him anything happens as it is main phase 2 already. Then I searched for another tour guide, xyz leviair, gold sacro for raioh and special summon it back with leviair effect and ended. He died 2 turns later.
Match 2: time was called and I had more life thus I won.

Game 4: Vs. Dsummon, Pure karakuri -OO
Match 1: He died to BLS after doing lots of mistakes
Match 2: I was left with 600, he had naturia beast and ninja, I activated lightning vortex and he passed. I was like "what?!" and then after 1 turn of struggling I won.

Game 5: Vs. Ball-snow, Agent Angel - XX

Conclusion: Died. But in the end I got a kizan + Ragia as prize WTF... How come there was 2 prize?! Lol

And my life didn't get completed. ♪( ´▽`)

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