Tourney report 30/08/11

Deck used: TG agent angel

Game 1: Vs. Yi Jie, Dark World - OO
Hyperion daigusta 2 games

Game 2: Vs. Terence, Chaos Sworn - OXO
Hyperion daigusta

Game 3: Vs. Akira, Twillight beat - XOO
Died to Raioh in first game, hyperion gusta the rest

Game 4: Vs. Darius, Pure Agent Angel - XOX
Match 1: mind crushed wrongly and died
Match 2: hyperion daigusta
Match 3: Raioh killed me

Game 5: Vs. Sato Zhi, Machina Gadget - XOO
Match 1: MST and jumped gorz but still died
Match 2: dustshoot and jump gorz
Match 3: mind crush blindly and jump gorz then later soldier Hyperion

Top 8: Vs. ???, lightsworn - OO
Hyperion daigusta game 1 and then 2nd game core destroyer killed every judgment

Top 4: Vs. Max, Agent angel - XOX
Raioh killed me in game 1, Raioh killed him in game 2 and krystia killed me in game 3...

3rd-4th: Vs. Akira, twilight beat - OO
Hyperion daigusta soldier

Conclusion: 3rd... No skill required... 0 playtest needed... So dun be proud winning with agent angels... Not meant to attack any people... This is the first time i felt so bored playing a tourney and the first time I felt bored playing a deck... Time to change deck


There will be other decks as the metagame gets more defined.

In comparison, the old Six Samurai is more ridiculous whereby the game is practically won on the 1st turn.


Well u mean tg agent cause agent angel still requires skills unlike tg agents which is super flexible


Yeah, at least your win/loss isn't defined by a Gateway or Tour Guide (TCG). xD

@Poh Seng: I think he means Agent Angel in general. Not attacking you or anything, but there's also 2 Standard Agent Angel who Top 8-ed at Dhoby that day. Only applies if the person who posted the results is accurate though.


Wats so skillful when both field end up with hyperion gantetsu/Phoenix and Venus? It's not like if u play different build u will have some thunder end dragon appearing also?


I was happy that six sams were dead as they required no skills whatsoever, but here comes this and twilight in this format lolz, no offence!


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