Tourney report 06/08

Deck used: Dark World

I got no choice but to use this becos someone 'stole' my shien, kizan and formula to prepare for Nederland...

Match 1: vs. Vishal, WWBF - XOO
Game 1: I ate a trishula and died due to unrecoverable disadvantage...
Game 2: I card d he solemn me and I killed him after that with skilless grapha
Game 3: I card d and cleared his field of armor master and vanity's space, then 2k atk raven plus 2 3k atk grapha ( due to the field ) make a perfect 8k direct attack.

Match 2: vs. Johann, 65 - OO
Game 1: I start the game with a hand of 2 gate, 1 mind control, 1 dealing, 1 raven and a snow. Thinking that he is playing junk doppel , I ended my turn without doing anything. Then he shien during his turn using kagemusha and ascentism and set 3 cards after attacking me directly. During my turn, I stand with 5500 vs 8000 and I drew reborn, I activate dealing, he passed and I discarded snow searching for a second snow. Then I activate my first field, he negated it with shien's effect. I then summon raven, mind control shien and synchro into black rose to clear the board, he let it passed, sending mirror force bottomless and double edge to grave. I reborn his shien after that and activate my 2nd field and I used effect to discard snow and searched for grapha. And I attacked him after drawing, set mst and ended. We both stand with 5500 LP then he ended his turn with a set M/T which ate my mst. During my turn I discarded grapha and drew a dark world monster and then bounce it to make just nice 5500 damage.
Game 2: I forgot how I won... But I remembered fossil dyna destroyed his whole field.

Match 3: vs. Ballsnow, Agent angel - OXO
Game 1: I started with grapha due to foolish and set dust and 2 bottomless, few turns later he gets beaten to death by grapha.
Game 2: He start first with Venus and gantetsu which made his advantage become too overwhelming after 2 turns, thus I died.
Game 3: I start my game with dealing discarding snow and then grapha with foolish and then a few turns later I reborn his krystia and attack full force with grapha and it.

Match 4: vs. Yew Loong, Metabeat - OXO
Game 1: Scrap dragon and grapha killed him
Game 2: 2 radiance on the field!!! Where're my sides?
Game 3: super skilless hardworking grapha attack for 3 turns and he died.

Match 5: vs. Yi Jie, Debris Junk Doppel - OXX
Game 1: Card D and whole family came out.
Game 2: Tori me and died
Game 3: I had advantage at the start but got killed becos of dust mst + trunade.

Top 8: vs. Samuel, Debris Junk Doppel - X??
Game 1: damudo cleared my field of 2 grapha and gate...
Game 2: Baha came in and played instead cos I shared prize with samuel and he died the same way as I am

The rest of the story is we shared the prize with a few more ppl

Conclusion: top 8, we each got back entry few plus 10+ bucks. Lol... Grapha is noobishly skilless! I didnt even know how I won the few matches... -.-


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