Tourney Report 18/06/2011

Deck used: Skill Sam

Match 1: Vs. Kenneth again~, Agent Fairies - OXO
Start Second
Game 1: Shien and Trishula
Game 2: Gozen killed me =(
Game 3: Double shien attack and then next turn black hole myself and monster reborn 1 shien, summon another monster and attack for game.

Match 2: Vs. Baha, Debris Junkdo - OO
Start First
I let him go up.

Match 3: Vs. ???, Junkdo(?) - OO
Start First
The whole 2 game I only saw Junk berserker... Not only one but 2 and then I cleared it and go for the kill...

Match 4: Vs. Marcus, Agent Fairies - XOO
Start Second
Game 1: I trishula-ed his earth. And he summoned venus and special summoned 3 balls, I was thinking I might survive this turn since he got no tuner. But then I totally forgot the existance of Birdman in agent and then he trishula me back and a few turns I died.

Game 2: Random beatdown until he died since he activated gozen. Tough match

Game 3: He started with 2 set cards. Then my turn i united summon kagemusha and ss kizan, he mst my united away. I sync for balkion and attack. During his turn he dark hole me and reborn my balkion. I had to bottomless him since I had a set double edge and he had 3 cards in grave. He negated my bottomless and then next turn I double edge taking back kizan and kagemusha, he bottomless my kizan, I then summon kageki and trunade his remaining m/t and synchro into catastor to attack. He take a few turns of damage until manage to clear it. In the end he summon venus special summoned 3 balls and exceed into daigusta phoenix, equipped united we stand and attempt to attack me twice, I activate mirror force and killed him next turn with kageki and grandmaster.

Match 5: Vs. Jun Jie, Machina Gadget - OO
Start Second
Game 1: Shien + DEST
Game 2: Yaichi and friends clear the back row.

And then I proceed to top 8~~
Top 8: Vs. Vishal, Machina Gadget - OXO
Start Second
Game 1: Opening with shien and everything big and beat him to death

Game 2: He opened gozen + he summon gearframe, then I think because he is nervous, he accidently threw out fortress, I wanted to not let him reverse because I am in the bad situation currently, but then I just let it go, with abit of zzz feeling. And then I died.

Game 3: I start with shien , grandmaster and 2 DEST behind. He summoned gearframe special summon fortress set 3 card and ended. I activated the first double edge, taking back kageki and kagemusha, he chain disappeared my kagemusha, I let it pass. Then I summoned kageki special summon yaichi attempting to destroy his facedown, he chained the facedown which was gozen! I negated it and then xyz-ed void space sea dragon levaiel and activate its effect to take back kagemusha. I synchro the 2nd shien and suicide on gearframe using levaiel and then double shien and grandmaster attack. Then I chain the 2nd DEST and he conceded because his last backrow was seven tools. and after taking shien x2 and grandmaster, he was left with only 900 life points.

Top 4: Vs. Baha again
We already shared so he let me go up to fight since both of us will be fighting machina gadget no matter what.

Finals: Vs. Jun Jie again, Machina Gadget - XX
Start Second
Game 1: He summoned gearframe and search for fortress and ended without any backrow. So now is my chance to otk. But I did not draw enough monsters to do so, thus I synchro shien and special summoned 2 kizan to beat. And xyz-ed into steelswarm roach and set my only mst. I had to do this way since the only way to protect me is using roach. During his turn, smashing ground I negate, Dark hole + Trunade, Showed me another orange boy + fortress and limit break.

Game 2: I got attacked by cyber and then a few turns later I died.

Conclusion: 2nd... Got a stardust holo as prize... Haiz failed to get my 3rd pot to go with my other 2... I killed 2 of six samurai greatest enemy! Maybe becos of that I felt overconfidence with my last match and then died.


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