Musakani Magatama

After the hype on stardust being unable to negate horus lv8 which most probably Shi En too, I went to re-read magatama's ruling which I am not clear about the part whereby stardust cannot be negated by magatama. Let's recap!

Basically it's asking if you used exiled force to destroy stardust, and opponent used stardust effect to negate, can u negate it with magatama?
A: No. Text after I clarified: When stardust negates exiled forces, because exiled is already in the graveyard, it cannot be destroyed but will still be negated. since stardust didn't destroy exiled, magatama cannot be activated.

If you used lightning vortex on stardust and it negates with it, can u magatama?
A: Yes.

Speaking of exiled force... Okie change exiled force into Hand of the six samurai...

When hand release itself, and stardust negate hand, you cannot negate with magatama... Same applies to hand Vs SDD Vs SDD

But when hand releases another six samurai to destroy stardust, you CAN negate with magatama.

And for the part where people said you cannot magatama fortress, you CAN negate it with magatama.

Thanks to DSummon from DuelingDays and Akira from DuelistCodex for the translation and clarification stuffs.


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