Daigusta Phoenix

Recently there's a deck named "Bolt Phoenix" which got 2nd place in a team tourney in japan. Normally when I look at japan's deck, the same deck names will appear frequently, so frequent until I can automatically know the deck. Until I read upon bolt phoenix... haha...

Daigusta Phoenix
Wind/RANK 2/Effect-Xyz/1500/1200
2 Level 2 monsters
Once per turn, you can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card to select 1 face-up WIND monster you control. That monster can attack twice during this turn's Battle Phase.

What can this do?
To call this out, u will need 2 level 2 monster which in this case is bolt hedgehog and plaguespreader zombie. And then call 3 of this out each activating its effect to target itself, you will make an OTK from the direct attacks. Each Phoenix deals 3k damage bringing a total of 9k damage.

So how do u get all this thing to field?
Since Quillbolt Hedgehog is a machine, this deck uses future fusion to declare Chimeratech Overdragon and then throw 3 of the quillbolts to grave.

For plaguespreader simply use the effect of Armageddon Knight or foolish burial.

After Xyz-ing the 3 phoenix, you can also call out Gachi Gachi Gantetsu to boost the phoenixes' attacks and do a little bit of damage with it too.

Since this deck have Stardust Dragon and Mist Wurm in the extra deck, they can do the same job too!

So who can say wind is the weakest attributes now? lol


Rest in Peace, Future Fusion!

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