Mock-Up Asia Tourney Report 06/03/11

Deck used: 65

Match 1: Vs. Kaven, Scrap - OXX
Game 1: Infinite loop
Game 2: Got locked by oppression
Game 3: bad hand

Match 2: Vs. ???, BF - XOO
Game 1: bad hand and died
Game 2: Infinite loop
Game 3: Shien flood

Match 3: Vs. William, BF - XOO
Game 1: Got controlled and died
Game 2: Infinite loop
Game 3: He got mind tricked and died

Match 4: Vs. Nian Jie, 65 - OO
Game 1: I got a normal hand and do the usual control and won
Game 2: I struggled awhile and then i drew trunade, activate trunade, paste united and dojo, summon kizan, send dojo to grave searched for yoriko, synchro into shien, united gets the 2nd counter and i sent it to draw 2. I drew monster reborn and solemn, i reborn his shien and attack his monster together with my shien and then set solemn judgment and warning... and next turn he scooped.

Top 16: Vs.???, BF - OO
Game 1: He set 5 cards and ended, my turn, my hand was kizan, 2 gate,2 dojo, i paste 1 gate and 1 dojo first then summon kizan, he warning me, then i ended, next turn he attacked me and ended, during my turn, i paste the rest of the gate and dojo i have and summon mizuho, he mst 1 of my gate. then i remove counters to search for kizan, special summon kizan and he oppressed me. Then i attacked his kalut and ended, next he attacked my mizuho with shura, search for vayu attacked and ended. During my turn, i summon kizan and then search for grandmaster and special summons it, and attack with both of my monster. After that i search a kizan and add it to my hand and ended. A few turns later, he died to my slowly farmed field.

Game 2: He start first and he set 4 cards and a monster and ended. My turn, i drew to a hand of, gate,dojo,smoke signal,reinforcement,solemn judgment and double edge. I set double edge and solemn and ended. During his turn he flipped his face down monster, which is a vayu, attacked me and ended. During my turn, i draw, Giant Trunade, I activate trunade and did an infinite loop on him

Top 8: Vs. Shifu, Junk Doppel - ---
We shared and I let him go up to fight.

6th - 8th: Vs. Bryan Tew, BF - OXO
Game 1: Slow farming and then he died
Game 2: Puppet plant me and died
Game 3: double shien lockdown

5th - 6th: Vs. Jeff, Debris Dandy - ???
We never fought, he took vayu as prize and i took librarian as prize...

Conclusion: 5th/6th. Lolz... In terms of usefulness and demand i think librarian would rank at 5th prize...

Standings for that day:
1st: Shifu, Junk Doppel
2nd: Cassandra, 65
3rd: XM, 65
4th: Hong Rui, 65
5th: Me, 65
6th: Jeff, Debris Dandy
7th: Jess, BF
8th: Bryan Tew, BF

Junk doppel wins in non-promo format?


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