Tourney Report 14/11/10

Deck used: Clover BF

Match 1: Vs.???, Dandywarrior - XOO
Game 1: he monster reborn his drill from grave, i solemn him, and now i am left with 1800 life point, he 141 for growup bulb, then synchro formula synchron and special summon bolt hedgehog from grave and synchro catastor to kill me...
Game 2: Sirocco, bora, bora, damudo
Game 3: damudo beat

Match 2: Vs.???, Vayu-lord - OO
Game 1: I dustshoot him he showed me gorz, reincarnation and burial and zephyros, i took gorz, then few turns later he tell me he scoop with this imbal hand... LOL?!
Game 2: Some tori-beat and later he cleared my tori, i did a damudo beat...

Match 3: Vs. Jonas, dandywarrior - XX
Game 1: Noob hand vs opponent good hand
Game 2: Damudo beat gets BLACK HOLEDDDDDDDDDDDD

Match 4: Vs. Shifu, Sporelord - OO
Game 1: Dustshoot + bf rush
Game 2: Damudo beat

Match 5: Vs. Vishal, BF - OXO
Game 1: Damudo beat OTK
Game 2: Die by mistake
Game 3: he was left with 950 and i bora tramped his gale...

Top 8: Vs. Jeff, Hero Beat - OXX
Game 1: Dustshoot him, the stardust attacked for few turns, finally i cold waved him and killed him
Game 2: Dustshoot him but lost
Game 3: Dustshoot him but did mistake lose...

Bottom 4: Vs. Vishal AGAIN, BF - OO
Game 1: Cold wave kills
Game 2: Tori beat!

5th-6th: Vs. Qi Lin, BF - OXX
Game 1: Damudo tori everything!
Game 2: Bad hand died
Game 3: See Game 2...

Conclusion: 6th... haizzzzzz Got a shien as prize... not bad for 6th place LOL!


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