Tourney Report 17/04/10

Deck used: Clover BF

Match 1: Vs. Redempt, Lightsworn - OXO
Game 1: I'm not sure what deck he's playing at first, so i just try and summon sirocco, special summon gale and bora, focus and then synchro stardust and tramp his face-down monster. It was a ryko, so i can confirmed he's playing lightsworn and then, i used stardust oppression to control the game.

Game 2: I drew only a monster and the monster is dark armed dragon. I got attack by wulf and card trooper for a few turns, finally i struggle by using brain control on card gunner and activates its effect, i milled 1 crow, 1 sirocco and lastly a shura and special summon dark armed dragon. But still lost the game cos, i mind crushed declared judgment dragon but he don't have and i saw, caius,brain control and lyla.

Game 3: I synchro trishula early and controlled abit. His hand is left with 1 caius and 1 my body as a shield face down on the field. Then during his turn he drew foolish burial and activated it, sending wulf to grave. I chained crow removing wulf and he took another direct attack from trishula and next turn he summoned lyla, i summon bora, attack lyla with trishula and bora direct attack and won the game.

Match 2: Vs. Xiao An, Lightsworn -OXO
We said it in advance that whoever win we set the score as 2-1 so that both of us wont get to deduct any points.
Game 1: I set 2 starlight road and 1 solemn then he summoned lyla destroy 1 of my starlight, activated heavy storm and i chained the second starlight. Then he tribute for celestia i solemn-ed him, my turn i synchro an armor master and set oppression. Next turn he special summoned judgment i chained oppression and he scooped.

Game 2: I was too excited and did a mistake which stunned him lol... He had a goyo on the field, i summon blizzard special summon shura and synchro goyo too then i special summon dark armed and destroyed his goyo then i forgot to destroy his set magic/traps and i declare attack immediately. He had a mirror force and a starlight road and becos if he activate mirror force and i special summon stardust using starlight he will lose immediately, so he did not activate and took the 2 2800 direct attack. Then main phase 2 i destroy both of them. lolz... next turn he scooped.

Match 3: Vs.Khatib kid, Machina - OXO
Game 1: I control him with oppression and he lost.

Game 2: He double cycloned me destroying his gear town and attack me with machina fortress and ancient gear gadgetdragon chained with limit break and i lose.

Game 3: I had total control using oppression and rai-oh and he got tramped by bora too many times and died.

Top 16: Vs. Richard, Infernity - OXO
Game 1: kept attacking him with goyo and he conceded

Game 2: He start first but he did 2 trishula to attempt to cripple me, during my turn if i drew shura i will win the game. But failed, so after a few turns i lost.

Game 3: I had rai-oh on the field, Solemn Judgment, Oppression, Tsubame and Solemn Warning on the field. Total lockdown.

Top 8: Vs. Yusei, Hero Fusion Beat - OO
Game 1: I controlled him with trishula and he made a mistake and lose the game.

Game 2: I drew my third sirocco after he destroy 2 of mine and made a beatdown since he activate dark-imprisoning mirror.

Top 4: Vs. ???, Whirlwind BF - XOO
Game 1: Too bad hand.

Game 2: Since I'm going to lose, might as well anyhow ram lolz and i won the game, not only that, i stressed my opponent.

Game 3: He summoned bora and set 3 cards end his turn. I summon shura he solemned me, I smiled lolz cos he really is in a bad hand state. Next turn he summon another bora attacked me and my turn i drew another shura i summon and nothing happens to it. This match i confirm win le lolz... I attack his bora and it passed too... I special summon gale from deck attacked his 2nd bora discarding kalut as I am afraid he drew some tuners next turn. Then i synchro-ed armor master and i thought i had exactly 3 dark in my grave i special summoned dark armed and destroy his last back row card. He showed me starlight road. Then i notice i had 4 dark, so i apologised and put back to hand... Then next turn he set ghibli and a face down M/T and ended his turn. I drew MST, destroy his new set card, even if he did not reveal that M/T is starlight road, its common sense i wont destroy that cos i did so much stuns and its safe... so I did not do any cheating stunts... Anyway i accidently showed him dark armed and solemn too lolz... so its a fair trade... lol jkjk... I summon blizzard reviving shura, this time i really had 3 dark and i special summon dark armed and he scooped.

Top 2: Vs. Shifu, Lightsworn - Undecided
We shared the prize...

Conclusion: 1st or 2nd... Get a trishula and a decisive arms as prize~ Weeee... Finally got my own Trishula XD.... Also, Thanks to Jeff for giving me some advise~~ I will not post my decklist for this ver. now... maybe next week hahas... sry for the inconvenience caused...


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