Tourney Report 09/04/10

Deck used: Scandal BF

Round 1: Vs. William, Whirlwind BF - OO
I otked him in the first round. 2nd round i was left with 150 and he had 2500 LP, i summoned gale and search for breeze and activated breeze effect to special summon and launched a direct attack, he was left with 100 LP. During his turn he drew Legendary Jujutsu Master and he thought jujutsu attack was 1100 instead of 1300 which, if he attack my breeze, will win the game. So he set it. My turn i drew bora, summon it and he bottomless-ed it. During his turn he drew a magic/trap, set it and ended his turn. My turn, i drew another Bora, he passed his priority to use cards. So, i get to search a Kalut. Then I immediately dust 1 of his magic/traps and it was book of moon, he chained it on my bora. Then i use breeze to attack his jujutsu and he flipped it open, forgotten that he has a mirror force and i discarded kalut to kill it. Then i launch a direct attack with gale and won the game. He forgot to use the mirror force not once but twice.

Round 2: Vs. Yi Jie, Hero Birdman Monarch - OO
Although i won him 2-0 but we discussed earlier that no matter what our score report will be 2-1 cos like that We at least got points to add to our score. I will skip this since its vsing frens and we both relax and let our guard off.

Round 3: Vs. Tako, Infernity - XX
WTF?!! I sided 9 cards none of it came and i lost to heavy storm in round 1, and trunade at round 2... We both discussed earlier that no matter what, our score report will be 2-1 oso so i get 1 point.

Top 8: Vs. William, Whirlwind BF - OXO
1st match I activated blizzard effect and he chained torrential, i chained icarus and he chains starlight road. So chain 3 resolve, his stardust came out and then torrential turn to resolve destroying his stardust and i forgot to special summon back a monster... LOL which made me survive cos during his turn he summoned shura to attack me. Then my turn i 3 dark jump dark armed + some monster then he got killed. 2nd match i did some struggle and died. Third match i summon a shura ended my turn. He summon shura and attacked me i thought he was gonna use kalut which i also have 1 and instead he chained book of moon and then he search out a gale, attacked me and ended his turn. During my turn i activated trunade and the summon sirocco the dawn and special summon 2 Bora, did a focus and attacked his gale, 2000+1800+1700+1700 =7200 and i discard my kalut which i had in hand and otked him.

Top 4: Vs. Tako, Infernity OXX
I started first and i immediately synchro an armor master, set 3 cards and ended my turn, then during my 2nd turn i summoned blizzard took back bora and then synchro-ed Goyo guardian and then 3 dark in grave special summons dark armed. Then i destroy his monster he chain raigeiki break on my dark armed and i direct attack him with goyo and armor then next turn he set a monster and ended his turn. My turn I launched an attack on him again and he conceded. 2nd match no need struggle to die.
3rd match i had a bora, and i had a tsubame, oppression, magic drain, book of moon and Solemn Judgment. I set all and ended my turn. During his turn he sarcophagus for trunade and set 3 cards. Then my turn I direct attacked him and during his turn he ended his turn without doing anything. I direct attacked him again and ended my turn. I have an Icarus attack in hand now. Which is nearly to victory. I even had a dark armed in hand... Then his turn, he took back the trunade. Activated trunade, i solemned it. He raigeiki break-ed me destroying tsubame. Then he summoned Infernity Necromancer activates his effect as he got no more cards in hand. I activated oppression and he chained Cyclone AND I FORGOT TO USE MAGIC DRAIN!!! I was thinking about Gun too much that I did such a stupid mistake... If i had used drain i would have won cos his necromancer will be destroyed and i now had a bora and an oppression and i can direct attack him till the end... In the end, I lost...

3rd/4th : Vs. Jeff, Whirlwind BF XOX
I got not much mood to fight already and i anyhow attack, then during the second match he book of moon my raioh i d-prison his shura and he special summon cyber, set a card and ended his turn. Then during my turn, i normal summon kalut searched for gale and then synchro armed wing and flipped my rai-oh declare 3 dark special summon Dark Armed and rammed at him, then i discarded kalut during my armed wing's attack.
Third match i lost....



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