Tourney Report 06/03/10 + R.I.P, Black Knight Dark!

Deck used: Black Knight Dark (refer to the post below this)

Match 1: Vs. Akira, Village Gemini Beat - OO
Spies bullying people again... arcanite mag clears the field... Can see some revenge actions again lol...

Match 2: Vs.??? from msia, Whirlwind BF - XOX
This guy is well loved by god!!! God hand... zzz... THIS IS THE FIRST BF I LOST AFTER USING THIS DECK!!!!!!!

Match 3: Vs. Jeff, Greenhouse of the Dead - OO
caius and stuffs save the day, second duel, sorceror, stardust, dark armed and creator... In the end, I let him go up cos we share and I got to make a move any time soon in the tourney haha...

Conclusion: At least top 8... And Jeff get 2nd, so I think my position will be the same due to him bringing my spirit up haha.... The m'sian is imbal... luckily Jeff starts 2nd for the first match as his hand is Sirocco, Bora, Bora, Kalut, Kalut!!!... So I shared and get a breeze today... And also, The people i killed and the one who killed me all went up to top 8 AGAIN!!! zzz...
Black Knight Dark... This deck has helped me won quite alot of prize since the time i played it... Quite happy with this deck... But new card ideas is needed!!! Here's the score of Black Knight Dark:

30th Jan 2010: 3rd/4th
07th Feb 2010: 3rd/4th
27th Feb 2010: 2nd
05th Mar 2010: At least top 4 + All Win XD + Defend from revenge complete! (cos team tourney i vs most of the people i killed in team tourney!!!)
06th Mar 2010: At least top 8 + Revenge completed! + 1 defense from revenge complete oso...
I think i will give this deck a rest until i have a better version coming up =D Good night, Rest Well, Black Knight Dark!

;p to those who still can't get their revenge while i still using this deck! wahaha!


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