Art of plants~@$#@$^%!~

1.Petit Inmato destroyed
2.Search 2 Inmato
3.Normal Summon Spore synchro Armory Arm
4.Special Summon Spore by removing Inmato in grave.
5.Synchro Inmato and the lv 4 Spore into Lightning Warrior
6.Equip Armory Arm onto Lightning Warrior
7.If opponent got Colossal on field + 6 cards in hand.
8.Attack with Lightning Warrior, Damage step discard honest.

3400 Lightning warrior atk
+2800 Colossal attack by Armory Arm effect
+1800 6 cards in hand, lightning warrior effect



lol , if Opponent got Colossal and 6 Hand is abit hard to come by as he must be CHEATING!!!!! =O


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