C.D.L Marathon Tourney

Comics.D.Legacy is having a YUGIOH Marathon Tournament In the month of April and May, Every Sat and Sun.

Tournament Details & Format as below:

Entry Free: $2

Tournament format will be by double elimination.

There will be a Total of 15 rounds for the Marathon Tournament.

1. 04-04-09, Sat
2. 05-04-09, Sun
3. 11-04-09, Sat
4. 12-04-09, Sun
5. 18-04-09, Sat
6. 25-04-09, Sat
7. 26-04-09, Sun
8. 01-05-09, Fri
9. 02-05-09, Sat
10, 03-05-09, Sun
11. 09-05-09, Sat
12. 10-05-09, Sun
13. 16-05-09, Sat
14. 23-05-09, Sat
15. 24-05-09, Sun

Every Round will have ONLY 1st and 2nd placing.

Prizes as below:
1st: $10 Shop Credit
2nd: $5 Shop Credit

If you are the winner of 1st or 2nd place for 2 consistent rounds the prize is x 2, means during then 2nd round, you will get 20 Credit for 1st place and $10 for 2nd place.

After the 15th round there will be a Grand Prize for the 1st to 3rd place for the winners who have won the most 1st place in each rounds.

Eg. Duelist A won 1st place for 8 rounds among the 15 rounds, Duelist B won 1st place for 2 round. and Duelist C won 1st place for 5 rounds.So in this case Duelist A will win the 1st place for Grand Prizes and become the Champion for C.D.L YUGIOH Marathon Tournament 2009.

Duelist C will win 2nd place and Duelist B will win 3rd place.

Prizes for Grand Prize:
1st Place: $100 Shop Credit
2nd Place: $50 Shop Credit
3rd Place: $30 Shop Credit

In Addition Every duelist who re-join the Marathon Tournament will be entitle for a lucky draw.

1. Min 40 cards Max 60 cards, side deck and extra deck of up to 15 cards.
2. No Fake cards allowed in the event.
3. 1st Mar 09 OCG Ban and Restricted list used in Tournament.
4. DT Cards & TCG Exclusive Cards ARE ALLOWED.

For any enquires on the events please email at info@comicdlegacy.com


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