Asia Tourney 2009

Finally there's something to post... hehe... Congrats Alex yeo for representing s'pore to go for asia tourney at hong kong... haix... i died at top 16... zzz... yi jie, very sorry... haha... let u down... you say its ok but i still dun feel good... But i had real fun during the swiss round...

Win: 4 Lose: 2
Deck used : BF

Game 1
Vs Isaac - Zombie Synchro ○○
round 1
i fought until he left 3600 then suddenly he drew instant fusion and synchro for Arcanite Magician and destroy my sirocco and black lance... then after that i destroyed it, i forgot how, and win it with dark strike fighter attacking directly.
round 2
he start first and sets giant trunade and ryko, lightsworn hunter face-down. I mind control it, destroy his trunade and overturned 2 gale of hurricane and 1 qa'lat into the graveyard. Then i summon blizzard of the north pole and synchro into armour master and attack him. then i set torrential face down and end my turn. after a few turns later, he summoned chaos sorceror and tried to remove my armour master from play, i used torrential tribute and destroyed both of them. He's left with 2600 again. Then i drew dark eruption, i special summon Dark creator and special summoned sirocco and normal summoned blizzard of north pole and synchro into dark strike fighter to shoot and win the game.

Game 2
Vs Kyo - Cat G-beast ○xx
round 1
he controlled me at the beginning of the game... i torrential him he trap stun me... lol...zzz.... then i synchroed out arms wing and keep whacking him when he does not have traps anymore. he kept drawing monsters and had to put monsters in attack mode in order to prevent heavy damage. then when he left 800 i summoned crow and attack his samnite with my arms wing and crow direct FTW!!!
round 2
he really controlled me... GG...
round 3
i got controlled abit... then he has gyazarus on the field... i only got 2 qa'lat on my hand and nothing on the field... i summoned my qa'lat and attacked gyazarus and discarded my 2nd qa'lat... then during his turn he reborn gyazarus and fully controlled me... i drew shura and scooped... mistake + forced environment... haix... if i had stored for one more turn i can otk him le... zzz

Game 3
Vs Bryan- Cat G-beast ○○
round 1
dark arm, brionac, dark strike fighter during fourth turn.
round 2
he controlled me at the beginning, then i destroyed all his laquaris and hoplomuses... then i use bora the spear to tramp him to death.

Game 4
Vs Akira(wtf vs finish kyo vs him) Cat G-beast ○○
round 1
same old stuns, dark arm, dark strike.
round 2
at first he controlled me very well, he got 2 laquari and 1 equeste on the field. but then i trunade him and use shura attack his equeste and then special summoned gale and set icarus attack. Then i use breaker + shura to win him.

Game 5
Vs Yi Jie(ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Y of all is u T.T) Cosmo G-beast ○○
round 1
do my same old stuns again...
round 2
i trap stun him at the beginning of my turn. He solemned me. Then i brain controlled his gbeast and summon my gale and attacked him then after that synchro into armour master to control him for awhile. Then in the end i attacked and won.

Top 16
vs bryan(a kid) - BF with caius ○xx
round 1
brionac, dark arm, dark strike and blizzard all direct. no need to calculate life.
round 2
he controlled me at first. then after that i controlled him with sirocco and gale of hurricane. then he brain controlled my sirocco and summon blizzard and monster reborn his goyo guardian. thn he synchroed my sirocco and his blizzard into armour master. I managed to survive that turn but i scooped immediately after seeing the next card...
round 3
almost godly hand. I got 1 bf shura, 1 bora the spear, 1 gale of hurricane, 1 dark armed dragon, 1 monster reborn and 1 dark eruption on my hand. i go first and summon my shura and end my turn. then he killed my shura by summoning his shura and special summon bora the spear. he did not synchro later on which is out of my expectations. then he set 2 cards and ended. i summon bora the spear and special summoned gale. synchro black rose, he solemned. Then i declare 3 dark in my graveyard. special summoned dark arm and priority target his bfs. He opened DARK ILLUSION and turn the tide. GG... i lose in the end. no more cards to help + he swarm field. "Anti god hand" hand! T.T

Argh!!! If i won i will join in the top 8 clan le... haha... pity i lost.... My side deck was a rubbish lazy to make... follow last time beast synchro de and some of my own ideas... lol


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