BF-Gale Of Hurricane rulings...

-This effect targets one face-up monster your opponent controls.

-If "Blackwing - Gale of the Hurricane" targets a "Sangan" affected by "Rush Recklessly" (1700 ATK), its ATK will become 850. During the End Phase, when "Rush Recklessly" is no longer applied, the ATK of "Sangan" will remain at 850.

-If "Rush Recklessly" targets a "Sangan" affected by "Blackwing - Gale of the Hurricane" (500 ATK), the ATK of "Sangan" will be 1200.

-If a "Sangan" which has been affected by "Blackwing - Gale of the Hurricane" (500 ATK) is affected a second time, it will have 250 ATK.

-If a monster affected by "Blackwing - Gale of the Hurricane" is targeted by "Shrink", its ATK will become half its Original ATK. When the effect of "Shrink" stops being applied during the End Phase, the monster's ATK becomes its Original ATK.

-If "Blackwing - Gale of the Hurricane" targets a "Sangan" equipped with "Black Pendant" (1500 ATK), it will have 750 ATK. When "Black Pendant" is removed from the field, "Sangan" will still have 750 ATK.

-If a monster is equipped with "United We Stand" and has its ATK halved by "Blackwing - Gale of the Hurricane", the ATK increase from "United We Stand" will not change when the number of monsters you control change.[5]

-You cannot change the ATK/DEF of a face-down monster, so you cannot target a face-down monster with the effect of "Blackwing - Gale of the Hurricane".

-The halved ATK/DEF lasts as long as the target monster remains face-up on the field.


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